Pamper yourself as Roman nobility did in ancient times, to a 30 minute head to toe cleansing ceremon in the hot hammam.

The Ultimate
Roman Ritual

While your body is resting on the marble floor, our therapists will wash and refresh your body with a natural sponge gourd and olive oil soap, and release toxins with a hemp whip. After a short rest you will enjoy an hour-long relaxing massage accompanied by oils enriched with nutritious extracts.
30 min traditional hammam treatment | 60 massage of your choice |  wine & fruit platter
90 Minutes - 840 NIS/Person, 1480 NIS/Couple
The Inspiration

The Shaman
Secret Ritual

Choose a blend of plants from our wonderful “natural treasure bar”.
Then you will have a 30 minute custom-made herbal scrub that will leave your skin feeing young and fresh. After a short wash you will enjoy an hour-long massage with coconut oil, followed by our “Magic Powder” made from flowers sprinkled over all your body for a glowing and happy feeling.
90 Minutes - 720 NIS/Person, 1320/Couple
The Inspiration

The “Mudness” Ritual

First refresh with a delicate body rub, to open the body pores before our therapist will ‘paint’ your whole body with a mask from our “MUDNESS” line.
While your body is wearing the mask, you will enjoy a 30 minute beauty facial, followed by an hour-long massage employing almond oil and a touch of reflexology using rich foot butter.
110 Minutes - 990 NIS/Person, 1800 NIS/Couple
The Inspiration

The Steaming
Spirit Ritual

Treat yourself to a 30 minute wonderful, well-deserved rest in the hot hammam with therapeutic eucalyptus scrub that will freshen, clean and enrich your body.
When your body is warm and your muscles are softer, you will then enjoy an hour-long Indian massage with hot stones, accompanied by oils enriched with nutritious extracts.
90 Minutes - 650 NIS/Person, 1200 NIS/Couple
The Inspiration

The Queen’s

Our queens are treated with the finest of our techniques.
First enjoy 30 minute in the hammam by yourself, or you may be accompanied by a therapist carrying out a traditional hammam ritual.
After a short rest we will invite the queen to an hour-longhot shea butter massage followed by a 30 minute custom facial treatment.
120 Minutes - 880 INS /Person (or 1100 NIS With a Traditional Hammam)
The Inspiration

The Love
Spell Ritual

A romantic treatment for couples is hosted in our luxury room where you can enjoy the music and atmosphere while you dip in a hot bath with essential oils for 30 minutes, accompanied by a bottle of wine and chocolates.
Then, you will both enjoy a special hour-long massage of your
choice using a hot shea butter candle that is lighted and dripped
on your body.
90 Minutes 1320 NIS For a Couple
The Inspiration
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